Our Professional Team 我们专业团队

We have an expert team with ICCRC licensed immigration consultants, education advisors, commissioners of taking affidavits and licensed translators. 我们的团队由多名ICCRC持牌移民顾问、资深留学游学专家、宣誓公证人和持牌翻译组成。

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Lily Zheng

RCIC-IRB 加拿大联邦持牌移民法律顾问 / 加拿大BC省宣誓公证人

Lily是XYZ移民安居有限公司的创始人,与Francis Ng合作共事多年。她在500强中国公司担任多年高级项目经理,熟悉中国国情。Lily专门研究加拿大移民法,擅长中国客户的技术移民、企业家移民、团聚移民等申请,并与多个学校局和语言学校有战略合作,可以提供多种留学和游学转移民方案。

毕业于加拿大Ashton College移民法律咨询课程 / 华东师范大学 工程硕士 / 华南理工大学 经济学学士

As the Founder of XYZ Immigrant, Lily Zheng has been working with Francis Ng for over seven years. Lily is an R.C.I.C. and a BC commissioner in good standing, and she specializes in Canadian Economic Class, Family Sponsorship, and IRB appeals. Having worked as a senior project manager and Leadership team in Fortune 500 company for about fifteen years, Lily is very familiar with Chinese practices and business models.

Before graduation from Immigration Consultant Program at Ashton College, Lily Zheng holds a Master's degree in Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Economics.


Francis Ng

RCIC 加拿大联邦持牌移民法律顾问 / BC省宣誓公证人

Francis Ng 为各国申请人提供专业的移民咨询服务,是加拿大最资深、最优秀的移民顾问之一。

Francis曾是温哥华BC省Ashton College移民项目的项目主管。此外,他仍坚持亲自授课,包括移民顾问课程和ICCRC备考冲刺课程等。同时,他为新持牌移民顾问提供导师辅导。

在1980年代和1990年代, Francis曾担任香港贸易发展局的副执行主任、加拿大BC省贸易发展公司主任、 联合国贸易和发展会议(UNCTAD)和国际贸易中心(ITC)项目顾问等。

Francis is a professional immigration consultant, RCIC & CSIC member, since 2002. He is the previous President of Ashton College Vancouver Campus, the previous Program Director and instructor of IMCD immigration diploma program in Ashton College, and the Developer & Instructor of ICCRC FS Exam Prep program.

His past career focused on business development and immigration services, including the Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Director of BC Trade Development Corporation, and the Project Consultant of ITC United Nation.

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Avery Liao

RCIC-IRB 加拿大联邦持牌移民法律顾问 / 加拿大BC省宣誓公证人

Avery Liao 是一个持牌近七年,专攻移民法庭的移民顾问。她在未住满移民监,夫妻团聚被拒上诉,父母团聚被拒上诉,PR和其他身份遣返令案件上有多年实操经验。并即将成为首批持牌移民顾问IRB移民法庭证书持有者的一员。

Avery从2018至2020年在温哥华区两所移民法顾问教学学院Ashton College 和CDI College Surrey 任教,教学服务于近200名移民顾问学生,其教学方法广受好评。 除此之外,Avery 也参与各种公益讲座活动。

Avery 在从业持牌移民顾问之前,有美国海洋生物学硕士,在知名研究机构和顶级私立高中工作过数年。因为这些经验,Avery 重视细节,讲究法理逻辑,了解个案的异同,提供给客户最全面合理,充分透明的移民指导。

As a certified RCIC, Avery counsels on various cases and is particularly enthusiastic about IAD Appeals, Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs, and Remedies to Overcome Inadmissibility.  Avery taught immigration law to prospective immigration consultants at two Vancouver local colleges, CDI College and Ashton College. She has also been actively conducting immigration related workshops, including non-profit events.

Avery holds a Master’s degree in marine biology from Rutgers University, New Jersey; for several years she worked in prestigious science laboratories and top-notch high schools. In her spare time, Avery loves to travel. She is half-way through her plans to travel all 13 provinces in Canada and 50 states in USA.


Vivian Sun


Vivian拥有丰富的企业管理及咨询服务经验,曾历任天津外企服务总公司菲思科留学服务中心驻加拿大代表;联合技术United Technology天津分公司市场部经理。现任胜嘉(SUNLEE)移民咨询服务有限公司总经理。Vivian对于北美投资、移民及留学市场独有会心,并拥有众多成功服务案例,工作成效深受客户好评。

毕业于加拿大多伦多约克大学; 美国Oklahoma City University工商管理(MBA)硕士。

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