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Established in Metro-Vancouver of BC, XYZ Immigration Settlement provides professional Canadian Immigration Consulting. XYZ immigration is formally registered and regulated bylaw for Canadian Immigration, IRB Appeal and hearing, Canadian Education, CAMPs, and settlement.


We specialize in Canadian Immigration Projects and We strike to make every case the best, with fast delivery and high pass rate.


1) Express Entry 联邦快速移民通道

2) Provincial Nomination Program  各类省提名项目

3) Family Sponsorship 家庭团聚

4) Business Immigration 商务移民

5) Caregiver 护理人员

6) Temporary Residence 旅游签、陪读签、学签及工签

7) PR renewal and Citizenship Application 续枫叶卡和公民申请

8) IRB Appeal & Hearing 上诉聆讯

9) LMIA application 劳工部用工批文申请

Our Education Services 游学留学服务

We have built strategic alliance with Canadian pulic school boards and large language instituions, and keep promoting their international programs and junior camps, so as to assist your study in Canada. We are appointed as the authorized recruiter agent for the Pacific Community College, Langley School Board, Delta School Board and iLAC/ ILSC Education Group  我们与加拿大多个公立教育局和大型语言培训机构建立长期战略合作关系,以帮助你实现加拿大学习计划。我们是太平洋社区学院、兰里教育局、三角洲教育局与iLAC及ILSC等语言学校的指定招生代理。

  • Assessment of student's needs and background 评估学生的需求和背景
  • Help with selection of the appropriate school (list of schools, addresses, and other relevant information) and program 帮助选择适当的学校(学校名单,地址和其他相关信息)和项目
  • Preparation of application for admission, (translations not included as not every student will need them) 准备入学申请(不包括翻译)
  • Preparation of study permit application 准备申请学习许可证

We are able to customerize the camp routes according to customer needs. Meanwhile, customers will obtain the promotional price through the registered by XYZ immigration.

We are proud of our rich experience, high success rate and professional service. The family camp, summer camp and winter camp is recognized as high quality, safe and comfortable.

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